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“Our aim is to create a lasting brand, one that holds significance and leaves a meaningful impact for generations to follow.”

Rafael Jaca, Co-Founder 

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Recently enjoyed a fantastic Don Rafa flavored cigar, and it was a pure delight.  The sweet-tipped allure added a delightful twist to each draw, creating a unique and satisfying experience. The cigar burned evenly, showcasing impeccable construction. If you’re after a small luxury that delivers big on flavor, this one’s a winner!”

-Erica Miller

“I recently treated myself to the Havana Especial Serie White cigar, and I must say, the smoothness of this cigar is truly exceptional. From the moment I ignited the stick, it was a journey of pure bliss for my senses. The draw was velvety and effortless, allowing me to appreciate the subtle nuances of the tobacco blend.”

Pedro Herrara-Havana Cigar Lounge

“Tried the Havana Especial Serie Black and it delivers big on flavor. The dark, oily wrapper hinted at the robust taste within, and the peppery notes with a touch of sweetness made each puff a satisfying experience. With a smooth draw, even burn, and compact size, Serie Black is perfect for those who want a  intense moment of cigar enjoyment. “

Bill Weis

In our lounge, the Cuban Imports bundle has quickly become a sensation, earning its spot as one of the hottest sellers. From the first introduction, it’s easy to see why. These cigars offer a delightful combination of quality and affordability, making them an irresistible choice for enthusiasts.

Ceasar Cortez-Prestige Cigar Lounge